"Flying Contest"-MLP Comic Dub (+ a Short Update)

"Flying Contest"-MLP Comic Dub (+ a Short Update) from youtube by Quirky Craft
featured video : MLP Audio Dub-Sombra Origins Comic
featured video : Fly With K-Dub
Poor Rainbow Dash never stood a chance XD
This is my last video for 4 days since I'm going away with my family to a place with little to no WiFi connection. I hope you have an amazing Easter everypony!!

Rainbow Dash voiced by Party Blossom:

Pinkie Pie voiced by Quirky Craft:
(That's me silly XD)

Comic by 041744:

Music by Kevin MacLeod:

Sound effects by Free Sound Effects and Audio Productions:
CHANNEL ART: Cookie Base by SinfulBases: http://mlp-baked-goods-club.deviantart.com/art/MLP-Base-Chibi-Cookie-Nom-352985405
Pony base by Starshinecelestia: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/420805158907583299/
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