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Meditating - How To Use Your Mind Powers Even If You Don't Meditate | Meditating Secret from youtube by Mary Rivas
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In this video, you're going to learn about an ancient meditative practice... and how it can empower you on many levels.

This ancient meditative practice is not meditation. It's different from common "meditations."

It can help you in more ways than you can imagine...The benefits that I'll tell you about here are just the tip of the iceburg...

So what kind of benefits am I talking about?

*Increased mental abilities, learning abilities and concentration...

*Greater creativity, Ah-ha! experiences and increased intuitiion...

*Release of emotional blockages that sap your energy...

*Elimination of stress and stress-related symptoms such as sleeping problems, anxiety and frustration...

*Delay or reverse the aging process...

*AND Life-changing answers and insights...

How's this all possible?

In deep meditative states, you experience profound levels of relaxation and your brain wave patterns slow down.

As your mind quiets down, you enter deep mind states... Native American Indians referred to these deep mind states as a bridge to connect with the world of Spirit.

Many people have the false belief that the only way to experience the benefits of meditation is to actually "meditate."

A common misconception is that you need to sit in a certain position or repeat specific sounds AND do this for years before you get noticeable results.

This is not quite right...

Certain Native Americans, such as Apache shamans, taught that nature, for example, is a portal to higher consciousness—to the world of Spirit.

In this video, I want to tell you about a specific practice called Shamanic journeying.

An ancient practice that you can do to experience the benefits of meditating without actually meditating!

The shamanic journey, unlike typical meditations, is not an end result, but rather a bridge to your Higher Self. You want to cross the bridge—not stay on it.

You can learn this practice easily and quickly.

--without spending months or years to gain the benefits...

You can eventually learn how to journey even while you walk down a noisy street...

Just like in "meditation" you gain mental, emotional and physical benefits AND you gain something else too that is very powerful...

Journeying empowers you to strengthen your link to your Higher gain greater access to that inner voice within that is always there to guide you.

The main purpose of journeying is to gain insights, answers, guidance and help in all areas of our life.


Do you know that people who do meditating-type practices tend to have stronger problem-solving abilities than those who don't? They also tend to have increased creativity, concentration abilities and greater mental clarity.


Not only that, people who regularly experience deeper mind states through some form of meditating practice, also tend to have less fears, anxiety, frustration and sadness.

Do you know that each time you experience deep meditative states, your physical body undergoes amazing transformation?

Medical researchers have found that slower brain wave patterns (in deeper mind states) dramatically affect the production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and physical well-being: Cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

In deeper mind states, the brain also produces increased levels of many beneficial brain chemicals, such as pleasure-causing endorphins that melt stress away.

I want to end this video by emphasizing one point:

The more you quiet your mind and access deeper levels of consciousness, the more you can access infinite knowledge...the more you can access that inner voice that's always there to guide you in your path to freedom.

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