MLP Next Gen Comic Dub: Gem Cravings, by kilala97

MLP Next Gen Comic Dub: Gem Cravings, by kilala97 from youtube by Kiki03000 version 2.0
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Read about my view explosion here! XD Read ALL the description! :'D
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11/30/16: 100 views?!
12/4/16: Maybe I should redo this now that I have 200 views...
12/7/16: WOAH! You guys must love me! 1,000 views?! :D I want to re-upload this video to make it better, but it's kinda too late now! LOL!

This is one of my first comic dubs of Kilala's awesome Next Gen comics! :)

12/22/16 Everytime I check this...I just have more views! XD I have 4,000 now! Thanks everypony! :D

CHRISTMAS 2016: 5,2000 views! 0_0

12/28/16 SIX THOUSAND VIEWS! :D Thanks guys! ;3 :P :D


3/15/17 - More than 17,000 views! Yay! It's a month and twodays late birthday present! :D I'm so happy! :3 :') XD Wooo! ;)

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