The NFL is Done After What Budweiser Just Called On Fans To Do Following Anti American Players Attac

The NFL is Done After What Budweiser Just Called On Fans To Do Following Anti American Players Attac from youtube by Breaking News 24/7
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The NFL is Done After What Budweiser Just Called On Fans To Do Following Anti-American Players Attacking Anthem

The NFL has found itself in hot water after allowing NFL players to kneel during the national anthem in protest. This protest has sparked controversy across the country as fans have decided to boycott this season until these players stop disrespecting our military and veterans. While the NFL has not changed its stance yet, they may after what one of their biggest sponsors has just called on fans to do.

Anheuser Busch is the NFL’s largest sponsor, and they want to know how fans really feel about the national anthem protests. So, to get to the bottom of how the fans are reacting to the protests, they have opened up a consumer hotline dedicated to customer feedback. Now, the NFL must be a tad bit nervous after hearing about this hotline and what the ramifications of it could bring. If Anheuser Busch decides to pull its advertisements because of customer outrage, it could spell devastating consequences for the already floundering league.

When customers call, 1-800-342-5283 they are greeted with a recorded message that gives them the option to voice their opinions about the protests.

“If you are calling with questions or comments about Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the NFL, press one,” the recorded voice says.

“At Anheuser-Busch, we have a long heritage of supporting the nation’s armed forces, veterans and military dependents,” the voice says. “The National Anthem is a point of pride for our company and for the 1,100 veterans that we employ. Please feel free to share your feedback after the tone.”

The hotline was a huge success as millions of Americans called the beer company to voice their opinions. So many people called on Friday when the hotline was opened that the company had to shut it down since it was flooded with phone calls.

Here is more from Fox 2 Now:

Anheuser Busch’s consumer help line temporarily went down Friday afternoon. A company representative says there was a high volume of calls from a social media campaign. There was a temporary disruption in service to 1-800-DIAL-BUD.

A post to the “RockIt News” Facebook page has generated several hundred likes and shares. It is one of many Facebook posts that recently feature a request for activists to call the consumer helpline. The RockItNews post says, “Should Budweiser keep sponsoring the NFL? Let them know how you feel! Call 1-800-DIAL BUD (342-5283) and press 1 for their stand on the NFL and then leave a message. Takes less than a minute.”

Anheuser Busch added the “1” option Monday after controversy over NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem. They also released this statement, “These are complex issues that require in-depth discussions and nuanced debate. What I can say is that at Anheuser-Busch we have a long heritage of supporting the institutions and values that have made America so strong. That includes our armed forces and the national anthem as well as diversity, equality, and freedom of speech. We proudly employ over 1,100 military veterans and we work every day to create an inclusive environment for all of our employees. Because only together can we achieve our dream of bringing people together for a better world.”

Americans are sharply divided over whether NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem are doing the right thing to express their views, but a majority agree that President Donald Trump did the wrong thing by criticizing their actions, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Overall, 49% say the protesting players are doing the wrong thing to express their political opinion when they kneel during the National Anthem, while 43% say it’s the right thing. Those views are sharply divided by race, partisanship, and age.

Among whites, 59% say the players are doing the wrong thing while 82% of blacks say it’s the right thing to do. Almost 9 in 10 Republicans say it’s the wrong thing (87%) while just about three-quarters of Democrats say the opposite (72%). And most younger Americans call it the right thing (56% among those under age 45) while a majority of older Americans say it’s wrong (59% among those age 45 or older).
Not only was the hotline flooded with phone calls, but social media was set on fire as millions of people ripped into Anheuser Busch for not taking a tougher stand against the protests.